The Manifestation of Desire

Author’s note: During the “Coming Out” time of aligning my work with passion, I immersed myself in the poet David Whyte’s series, Crossing the Unknown Sea: Work as a Pilgrimage of Identity–whose quotes punctuate the intentions set below.

Upon setting these intentions, I expected an immediate manifestation; but instead came to find a gradual unfolding–one that continues to this day…

Kelly Salasin, Spring 2006

“Once we know ourselves and the way we’re made,
there’s only one conversation to be had…”

I will have a “That Girl” (“Sunshine on my Shoulders”) feeling about myself in my work–vital and dynamic–alight in the sharing of my unique talents and gifts.I will be comfortable in my work place and uplifted.  It will meet my needs for sunlight, space, and warmth.

I will have time each day to meet personal needs for breaks and meals.

If I work in one location, I will have opportunities to be outside of my workplace each day.

My wardrobe will expand with ease for an enhanced sense of identity and expression, as well as professionalism.

“My work will be in keeping with my purpose…
living my life as an expression of what matters to me.”

There will be an “essential”  quality in my work, freeing me to immerse myself in its mastery, knowing that I am aligned with my life’s purpose–meeting my needs for integrity, spiritual connection and contribution.

I will celebrate that which transcends in whatever career path I choose, perhaps supporting others in the recognition and marking of the same- -with awareness, ritual and celebration.

“Wedded to my essence, I’ll find myself involuntarily in the conversation…

Nourished and fed by the great questions germane to my life,
I will be given a kind of generosity
that allows me to feed and cloth others.”

My work will energize, engage and inspire me in greater expression, personal growth and provision for others.  There will be financial abundance and a place of visibility from which to generate greater pride.

As in my dream, the milk of my gifts will no longer be held burning inside  or wasted on the floor among the wrong mouths in the wrong room…

The little bird in my heart’s cage
is putting its head on this side and that…
the flood fills the ancient river bed
and once again the banks are green.

I will work with people and possibilities–serving as a bridge from one to the other.  I will serve as a beacon of what is possible.

I will spend a portion of each week in direct contact with others as some type of: coach, consultant, advisor, teacher, counselor or presenter.

The work of coordinator, director, facilitator might also be a role I play, utilizing my skills in organization, creativity and group dynamics.

The rest of my time will be engaged in thought, research, study, writing, planning–meeting my needs for mental stimulation and autonomy.

I am a commitment to sharing the light I discover.

I will look for the position that offers me the best balance of working with people, ideas and events in creative expression of my talents and skills.

The social and investigative realm of my work will be steeped in its enterprising nature, offering me the excitment and tempo I crave.

“...I have created new commitments
and will hold the tiller to my course knowing that
there’s no where to go but HOME…
in this ripening time of mine

My work will be part-time, enabling a comfortable transition from full-time parent, and also allowing time to continue writing and other pursuits.

My work will allow for the flexibility I desire to respond to family needs around illnesses, occassions, etc; matched with my need for accomplishment and success, and  without financial repercussions.

There will  be flex in the day to day activities of my position and in my career over time.  The sense of autonomy in and over my work will include an openness to many possibilities of growth and expansion.

I will make a minimum hourly wage of $18-25 an hour.

I will PLAY the hand I’ve been dealt brilliantly…
Not asking, What are my options? Asking, What are my possibilities!”

I will work in healthy, foward-moving environments which will leave me with the energy I need at the end of the day for self and family.

It will be easy for me to make regular appointments with my health care practitioners, and with myself for yoga, dance and exercise.

I will more fully enjoy the company of family and friends because my work will fulfill many of my needs for solitude and introspection and will not deplete me relationally.

I will have more patience for my children and be more present to them.

I will have increased energy and resilence to continue developing my experience and relationship with the natural world.

I will be more willing to truly relax into home, having fulfilled satiated some of my driven and dynamic nature at work.

I will more diligently approach my writing in much larger blocks of time that allow me the joy of immersion and fulfillment.

I will choose a career for which I have exceptional natural talent and then put in the time to become a master!”

I will continue to explore possibilities in my area for work that best fit my intentions–investigating learning opportunities as needed (including master programs and other trainings).

I will consult with my college to complete additional testing to narrow or define my job search more clearly.

I will meet with Carolyn and Michele to clear any blocks I hold for this desire.

I will carve my new work from past mistakes and current disappointments, knowing that these are the stepping stones along my path.

I will open to the possibility that I might need to create my work out of the void.

I’ll watch for signs along the way, and allow the opening needed to receive this manifestation.

I will add a yoga and breathing practice into my routine to create the space and knowing at a core level.

“...In that hazarding, you take a step onto surfaces that
you’re not sure will hold your weight…
keeping the depth of your attention on what calls you…
this is the kind of courage it takes to claim
your happiness in life”

I will continue to revisit these commitments for my work and renew them, following  my bliss, and trusting in that which has strong resonance and attraction for me–knowing that the beauty of the needs expressed here will connect me with work that will bring me the vitality I crave.

“I will allow the blank page of my self to direct my course…

So be it!

(Note:  The quotes above were from David Whyte’s, Crossing the Unknown Sea–Work as a Pilgrimage of Identity.  During this time, I have always been highly influenced by the book, Pathfinder by Nicholas Lore, another resource for determining what it is I want and how to go about it getting it.

To read the piece that preceded the above intentions, click here: I’m Coming Out.)

One thought on “The Manifestation of Desire

  1. Kelly, this is BEAUTIFUL! Thank you for sharing it. You share many of the same commitments I do so reading your words is really inspiring.

    I’ve read David Whyte’s work too and really appreciate his insights. Another author I’m reading right now that you might be interested in for his work in affirming language is Thomas Wakefield. His book The Objective is Happiness is available in hard copy or as an ebook.

    Best wishes for continued expansion and success.


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