Door Number Three

I’m pretty sure I’m sticking with Door Number Three–despite the Great Temptation of Door Number One.

It’s the money, the sense of definition, and the clear container for my gifts that attracts me back to Door Number One–despite my hero’s journey beyond it.

And it’s the great unknown of Door Number Three–where I truly long to be–that has me turning back–for fear I’ll never find it–or recognize it–or belong there.


It’s Door Number Two where I reside now–and it’s been a sweet place, though not a permanent home.  It’s much more of an opening than a door–a seasonal thing–light and airy–but lacking real substance–not to mention sustenance.

By contrast Door Number One is solid and sturdy.  Thick and strong.  Dependable.  Unyielding.  Defining.  Determining. Disturbing.

And Door Number Three? It would help if I could describe it as well as I know the others.  But I’m not sure of the material or shape or style.  I’m not sure if it has a knob or a latch.  If it’s oak or if it’s pine. I only know that I want it to be mine.

How do I find it then?  If I can’t see it, I must begin to sense my way toward it.

I sense its openess and my expansion within it.  I feel joy.  I hold riches. I lavish on others.  I know myself.  I am known.

It feels as if Door Number Three has attributes from both the others.  Like a pair of French Doors, they are joined in the conversation of my life–a marriage of all that is vital to me–family, spirit, creative contribution.

Perhaps it’s not a door at all.  But something else, yet undefined. A threshold.  A place of becoming.

I don’t know which direction to turn to find it, but I now realize this:  If I commit to leaving the comfort of Door Number Two and and resist fleeing toward the safety of  Door Number One, there’s only once place to go…

Giocometti (

Kelly Salasin, April Fools Day, 2010

How about you?  Where do you reside? And where do you want to?

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