Dusting Dead Relatives

(an All Souls Day post–from 2008)

After spending the past six months in a holding pattern while the Universe dilly-dallied, I’m taking a decidedly religious stab at my husband’s unemployment.

I’m uncertain as to whether this indicates a regression or progression on my spiritual path; Results will tell, or perhaps desperate times are relieved by desperate measures, no matter what the result.

I’ve dusted off my late grandmother’s statue of the Blessed Virgin and unearthed from memory th Hail Mary’s recited at my Catholic high school. And although I can’t remember exactly how to use them, I’ve unpacked the rosary beads passed down by my husband’s Polish grandmother.

I’ve also taken to dusting off all the dead relatives–the photos of them that is. I’ve lined them up on the shelf above the stairway–our place of honor–to beseech them for any assistance they might lend from the other side.

My bedroom “altar” beholds a potluck of devotion: tall strawberry-blonde Mary draped in blue robes towers over my peacefully seated, full-bodied goddess, Kuan Yin (purchased at the Food Co-op.) On the other side is a sculpture of a woman in a bathtub, reminding me of the divine act of self-nurturing.

I’m not above adding a lucky rabbit’s foot although I imagine that is no longer PC; and I’ve re-opened my late mother’s Contact Your Angel guide, encouraging my husband to meditate with the angel of his choice.

We’ve made it this far without bellying up, but yesterday we had to face the reality that a job that pays our bills in the way we’re used to paying them may not be coming. We’ve buckled down and began the daunting task of whittling down a budget that had just begun to get some breathing room.

Things are about to get a lot harder… that is unless Mother Mary and the dead relatives have something to say about it.

Until then,

Hail Mary, full of grace…

(addendum: My husband did get a job–3 months later.  He still has it.)

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