Salamander Dream

Gauguin, detail,

Last night I dreamed of Salamander–dug deep into the dark earth on the edge of our land just across from Neringa Pond.

I also dreamed of seeing inside a tooth–and somehow this was connected to the  Salamander.

I’m not much of a dream interpreter, but what I recall about Salamander’s teachings is “joy in hand”and what I remember of teeth is that they concern “decisions.”  Since that wasn’t enough to go on, I did some searching in books and on the web.

What I discovered is that Salamander helps with transformation, which makes me want to shout:


I don’t know if I’ve ever realized so many layers of fear in such a short time with such a singular focus, and Salamander’s support with my evolution is much appreciated.

Of all that I found about Salamander on the web, these passages from Wild Speak, resonate the most~

…There is a timeless quality to the salamander, which persists in the shadows and the dark waters, often on the periphery of our conscious…

Salamander in dreams…can teach us to pay attention to our own dark waters and primitive origins, and look for the amphibian within that negotiates boundary, embraces and delights in metamorphosis, and seeks to quietly transform who we are. Salamander teaches us to listen hard and look well.

Apparently,  Salamander didn’t just arrive last night in my dreams, but has been with me all along–as I take my vision from its watery place of creation to its manifestation in the tangible realms of earth.

This movement is described as land-swimming… Salamander teaches us to radically change how we move through our lives spiritually and physically in order to negotiate how we get there. Salamander also teaches us that with better internal fluidity we can negotiate life smoothly, even if we may look a little odd to others…

The  trajectory of my career path may indeed look odd to others.  I began in health care, shifted into business, dove into education, and then abandoned it for full-time parenting. While my kids were little, I did a little of everything in each of these arenas, never quite finding myself again.

After a dozen years like this, I left the earthy work world for the watery place of self-employment. There in the delicious (and terrifying) void, I created workshops and retreats and other explorations, even becoming a YogaDance instructor.

Thus, like Salamander, who looks different in each stage of his life, “Kelly” can be hard to “identify.”  What remains constant however, is my continual growth toward self-understanding, acceptance and expression.  This makes Salamander a good companion now–and in the future.

Salamander can teach us how to look within to find our place in the world, leading us toward our true home…

…Which brings me back to the tooth in my dream, which wasn’t your typical tooth-falling out nightmare, nor was their pain or decay.  I simply looked at a single translucent tooth, from deep within; knowing that this experience was somehow linked to the salamander found in the earth.

I remember that author Louise Hay writes that teeth have to do with decision making.  She offers this mind-body affirmation concerning them:

I make decisions based on the principles of truth, and I rest securely knowing that Right Action is taking place in my life.

This affirmation is quite assuring to me in this moment, but there’s something more that I can’t get at, and I’m hoping one of my readers will see the tread between tooth and Salamander.

Kelly Salasin, November 9, 2010

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ps. If  you’re intrigued by salamanders, I highly recommend the children’s book, The Salamander Room, by Anne Mazer.

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