the still ones

Holly Sierra
(artist: Holly Sierra)

I realize now that what I saw in my mother—the fixed-ness to one spot—her dining room table—a cup of coffee beside her—was not only a response to a life of over-doing, but also quite possibly, the result of–hormones.

I know this now because I have become fixed.

How else can the wisdom of crones be cultivated?

I have joined the spiral dance of the still ones.


(more on stillness: Ripening still)

2 thoughts on “the still ones

  1. Very nice: the spiral dance of the still ones!
    Just an update: I have found the peace centre in Crete that we were speaking about… I will be in Crete at the end of June doing a personal documentary photo workshop, and I will ask if I can spend a day there. It looks like a wonderful place. Of course I will send you a report and photos! 🙂 xx


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