Life like Summer (and a good book) ends

On a second read through Kingsolver’s Prodigal Summer (consumed from the depths of a Vermont winter), I begin to think that I skipped a chapter or two, particularly as the end comes on so quickly.

I am so certain that I remember more to the story that I page through the entire book, seeking missed parts.

But that’s all there is.
It’s over.
Just like that.

I feel the same way now.

About summer.

I look back at the weeks gone by and still can’t fathom that I have spent an entire season, but here it is: the middle of August (past the middle of August)… with leaves turning red and school starting in a week.

Someone has stolen summer!

Maybe I can blame it on the schools; or on the tenacious cough my son brought home from camp; or on climate change.

I bet it’s the same with our own endings.

Takes us by surprise.
Comes too soon.

(Even when we see it coming.)

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