It doesn’t have to be…

November morning at Kripalu

I begin my day
before dawn
in the Shadowbrook Room
at the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Healing.

Just before 6:30 am, the room fills with soon-to-be
Let Your Yoga Dance instructors
who take their place on the mats
in front of me.

I guide them in a series of warming, and then strengthening, poses
before inviting these warriors onto their backs,
into the 4th chakra,
the sweet pause,
the heart–of a Let Your Yoga Dance class.

They bring their knees to chest,
roll to one side,
and breathe deeply, in and out,
In and out.

When I look out over the room,
I tell them that I see in them a sea
of babies–
Let Your Yoga Dance babies–
Readying to be born,” I say.

There are a few giggles in response,
and then these expand until the laughter
rolls across the belly
of this room
and swells
in a joyous chorus
of Release.

We lift our legs into the air,
Happy Baby,
just as the sun lifts over the mountain
birthing a new day;
and later, Pam tells me
what she now knows
(and what we all long to remember):

“It doesn’t have to be so hard.”

(Kelly is a certified Let Your Yoga Dance instructor, and serves on staff with founder Megha Nancy Buttenheim; she’s also on staff at Solar Hill Yoga Center in Brattleboro, Vermont, with founder/director Scott Willis, of Hits the Spot Yoga.)


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