I could have danced all night…

10 years ago, after my youngest entered school full-time, I took a major detour in my exploration of new career possibilities. Rather than enroll in a Masters Program in Organization and Development in New Hampshire, or in a vigorous life-coaching mentorship out of Colorado, and in lieu of resentfully renewing my lapsed teaching license in … Continue reading I could have danced all night…

Tribute to my 40’s

The 40’s were a radical decade for me. When I look back, I feel exhausted. And relieved. (Thank GOD those changes happened–and are behind me!) This was a decade that took me from having no idea who I was and what I wanted–to a depth of knowing I couldn’t have imagined. From little, if any … Continue reading Tribute to my 40’s

Too Much of a Good Thing?

Several years ago, I realized that I was missing. After more than a decade as a wife and mother, I couldn’t locate my own pulse.  When my youngest turned 5, I knew it was time. “I have a good life,” I said to a group of women around a fire, “Two beautiful children, a wonderful … Continue reading Too Much of a Good Thing?

Palm Sunday

My childhood was steeped in religion which I borrowed from neighbors and friends because my family had been alientated by religons which excluded the marriage of a Catholic and Jew. With each of our moves around the country, I soaked up what I could find, including a broad swath of the Christian variety–from Catholicism to … Continue reading Palm Sunday

April 19th

Little by little, and also in great leaps, life happened to me… ~Neruda Once considered a “world” traveler, I’ve been homebound for close to twenty years now–rooted on a dirt road in rural Vermont with two boys and a husband. Imagine my surprise when I found a family-friendly, part-time job with an “international” organization in … Continue reading April 19th