Christmas Heartbreak

If not the sobriety of Menopause (2 years this past Thanksgiving), then the house guest for whom the holiday was a foreigner, or perhaps the alchemy of both together accounted for the way Christmas was tilted, like a snow globe, and shook loose of all of its accoutrements–gifts & food & music & ritual–until it … Continue reading Christmas Heartbreak

Christmas Anger

Because anger never came easy to me, or because I’d never seen it expressed by my mother and so I too learned to hold it in, I suddenly find myself attuned to it, in all its subtleties, and as such, it’s blossomed, especially after Menopause, which deftly set it (and other such vicissitudes of nice, … Continue reading Christmas Anger

Christmas at the sea

You know how a certain cup of caffeine can provide just the right buzz? It’s the same with yoga, though the feeling is different. Sometimes, however, the right cup of tea or espresso can leave me edgy or angsty, wondering, “Maybe I need another?” This is how it was yesterday after my Saturday morning time … Continue reading Christmas at the sea

The Christmas Vase

This Christmas I received the gift of a vase. Three of them. Each has a full body and a very narrow opening. Each was a gift from a child. My post could end right there. It is enough. …Except that after the day I’ve had, these vases are speaking to me: about my fretting and … Continue reading The Christmas Vase

The Atheist’s Christmas

“Why would an Atheist want to go to church?” a friend asks, after my mention of the Unitarian/Universalist congregations that include them. Her question is a good one. It not only points to the Christian-centric view, it also provides a rich opportunity for exploration. “I think all humans have an essential need to gather in … Continue reading The Atheist’s Christmas