Rose-Gold Solstice Tears

  I am typing this morning on a rose-gold laptop, meant to be unboxed ritualistically with Solstice.  But when my husband arrived home last night with the new purchase, I took it in my arms and said: “Where is my old computer?” Stunned, he said nothing at first, and then sensing my distress, replied: “They … Continue reading Rose-Gold Solstice Tears

a solstice blessing on families reunited

Late this spring when the skies grew dark and the cloud cover heavy and children were ripped from their parents arms, I took a dramatic fall an came down with a chest cold, and something else–in the middle of the darkest night–the mother fox (or was it the father?) barked incessantly outside our bedroom balcony … Continue reading a solstice blessing on families reunited

Summer Solstice. prayer. blessing. dream.

Last night, I woke, as I often do these days, no longer drenched, but misted, with a fine release–of attachment, I suppose. Behind my knees and under my shoulders and also between my breasts; and lately even, in the crook of my arms, as if I’ve been carrying too much; and just this week, tiny … Continue reading Summer Solstice. prayer. blessing. dream.

What Solstice Means to Me

I have always been a woman of faith. Of many faiths. As a child, I lived in Philadelphia, New Port News, Denver, West Point–and in each place I came across faith–from shades of Christianity–Southern Baptist and Mormonism–to Judaism, Hinduism and Buddhism. I grew up tolerant and curious. When I had my own children, I wanted … Continue reading What Solstice Means to Me