Autumn Journey for Women

Journey with the Chakras

Women’s circles evoke a sense of sisterhood,
and also a feeling of being in a maternal space.
There is a deep sense of being connected to one another, at an archetypal level.

~Jean Shinoda Bolen


Gather online with kindred spirits drawn to the practice of turning in, and seeing what comes, and allowing that to be, and holding compassion for oneself and others in an increasingly rich and connected online journey through the body’s energy centers, letting them speak into our lives–past, present and future.

Find out more from past participants.


Circle opens: The week of October 30 with the dark of the New Moon when the veil between the worlds is thin.

Circle completes: The week of December 18 with the light of the Full Moon as we approach Winter Solstice/Longest Night.


Flexible: You agree to read, write and respond each week to the…

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Companion Journey: SpRiNg! into Summer Solstice

Seeking a SpRiNg tribe…

#women #renewal #online #community

Journey with the Chakras

Magnify the energy of women gathering!

New this season, “accompany” the local Let Your Yoga Dance SpRiNg journey with an online journey through the chakras.
Together, we’ll cleanse and renew through the chakras–on a parallel journey toward the Summer Solstice.
Each “gathering” (your time/place) will highlight another chakra–with a meditation/writing prompt and a playlist–to move you–inside and out.

Connections to each chakra meditation will be welcomed on the password protected pages of this site; while personal journaling, offsite, will be shaped by each chakra’s meditation prompt.

The addition of the targeted chakra playlists will help energize the cleansing and renewal of each chakra, while the energy of both the online and the in-person group will magnify the connection and blessings.

Rate:  $77.77
($11.11 a chakra)

Sign up with a friend & save:
Two friends: $66.66 each
Three friends: $55.55 each

The online feature will be offered in conjunction with…

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ONE day, all that remains

Journey toward the Longest Night

Join a tribe of women cultivating virtue on the journey to the Longest Night…

Journey with the Chakras


Join an online gathering of women
on a journey toward the Longest Night

In this online circle of women, you’ll gather with kindred spirits who are drawn to the practice of self-awareness, compassion and consciousness. The yogic virtues will serve as our companion and guide. This seven-week, seven-chakra contemplative writing practice will shape a sangha (a communion) of hearts in a journey of inner preparation for the Longest Night.


Circle opens: The week of October 30 with the dark of the New Moon when the veils between the worlds are thin.

Circle completes: The week of December 18 with the light of the Full Moon as we approach Winter Solstice/Longest Night.


This online circle is open to all women, regardless of age, location or yoga/writing/circle/chakra experience. Reflection, sharing and response will take place on the password protected pages of The Journey with the Chakras web pages…

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30 Days without Facebook

I love reading that friends are taking Facebook sabbaticals. Their choice reminds me of mine in June, and reminds me of the choice in everything, and the spaciousness too.

This Vermont Life

Observing desire
without acting on it
enlarges our freedom
to choose
we live.

~Tara Brach


We came to Vermont for the clean air, the heightened perspective, the depth of thought and consciousness.

We gave up cable long before we arrived.

Once here, in a town without a traffic light, we learned to live with even less distraction. To embrace silence. Early nights. Slow reads. Pillow talk. Sleep.

Then came the internet.

The web expanded our horizons, enriched our conversations, increased our opportunity, and fractured our attention.

The single screen in the den was replaced by individual screens, of all sizes, in each pair of hands, in every room, at every hour, on workdays and weekends and holidays.

Family time, once incidental, now needed to be scheduled and rescheduled and relinquished in favor of independent pleasures. Moments passing and glancing at each others screens. Morning spaciousness obsolete. Bedtimes later. Pillow…

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Sexiest Pajamas

Girls. Role Models. 70s.

Kelly & Lila

When I was a girl, we moved from the East Coast to the Rockies when I was still a Brownie. My new best friend and nextdoor neighbor Liz wasn’t a Girl Scout, she was a Southern Baptist.  Liz went to her church with her family, and I rode the school bus with my younger sisters to another church while our parents slept in.

Mom was an ex-Catholic, and Dad was an Agnostic. They said church was good for us. I read the Bible every night. My very own. It was present for my 8th birthday. (I begged for it.) It had a green leather cover and a tie dye label that (still) reads: KELLY SALASIN–in capitals–which I spelled out, letter by letter, and then printed, with my very first label maker.

Ruth was my favorite book. I read it again and again. Just saying Ruth releases a…

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