FU 50’s

Expansion by sculptor Paige Bradley
Expansion by sculptor Paige Bradley

I first heard of The FU 50’s in a magazine article in Ms. by Suzanne Braun Levine:

Claiming 50–Defining who we are from the inside out

“We’re loud, proud and 37 million strong”

I was inspired.  I couldn’t wait to be 50. (I had a decade to go.)

In anticipation, I began noticing my apprenticeship to the FU 50’s and began assigning posts to that category here on Two Owls Calling.

That was ten years ago, and at the end of 2013, I will reach that crowing. In January, I began my preparations.

Now as I round the corner on the second half of this year approaching 50, I realize that what I am preparing for is the reclamation of the Divine Feminine.

The inner knowing.

The web.

God may be in the details, but the goddess is in connections.

That quote is attributed to Ms. co-founder, Gloria Steinem, but I think she ended it with “questions” instead of “connections” which works well for my purposes too. I have lots of questions.

Unlike answers, questions are open, explorative, soft, moist, filled with possibility.

Very feminine.

Thus 50 has become less of a destination and more of an opening.


Kelly Salasin, July 2013

(To scroll through the series of posts in my apprenticeship to the FU 50’s, click here.)

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