I Am Who I Am

Kelly Salasin, January 2012This year, more than ever

I’ve been told who I am:

You are insulting, dishonest, judgmental…

You are self-absorbed, self-righteous, selfish…

You are a fraud.

Not since my childhood has my identity been so marred. With each mistake. Each failing. Each wrong.

Only now, I know the words reflect the pain

of the condemner;

as is also true when assigned beatific qualities.

Each an echo of another’s hopes and fears.

2012 has taken me under its wing

in a crash course of knowing who

I am,

transcending the urge to write the book, entitled:

Fuck You ALL,

while preparing for the same.

Tenderizing me

in my own Grace

so that I no longer need

to Please

or Agree

or Understand.

Kelly Salasin, April 2012

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