the three gratitudes…

Spring brings us into the heart chakra, and with that, the practice of gratitude.

My “three” were harvested from a page in my journal from 2012, but they still resonate true and deserve this echo, even if my heart has grown a bit rusty around these gifts…

And you…?



I am so grateful for the clear awareness of that which brings me alive. I am so thankful that I now realize that there is path upon which I can meet my need for contribution and connection; a creative outlet and a spirit offering.


I am so in love with the gift of my body. I am fortunate to be to use my body as a meditation in motion. My body is my ally, my friend, my lifelong companion. It is such a joy to be able to teach and lead others with my body and my mind. I am so grateful that yoga reminds me that everything, every feeling, every situation, every breath is my yoga–and that the practice is infinitely more important, more relevant than any achievement.


I am deeply blessed with lovers in all forms: from my partner, and our children, to my family and friends, to the water, the sun, the light and the scent on the air…


Last Day of June Gratitudes

This month I’ve explored orienting my weeks around the chakras. Today is Thursday, the 4th day of the week, which brings me into that which has heart and meaning. The heart chakra is also the place of gratitude and sweetness, as well as “santosha” contentment.

Today is also the last day of June, a perfect day to steep in contentment and gratitude. Thus, I offer some of which has made my heart glad this month, and invite you to share your own list!  (Note: gratitude welcomes redundancy.)

  • barefoot in the grass
  • skinny dipping in the pond
  • chardonnay at sunset
  • hearing my son shout “I’m FREE!” as he gets off the bus on the last day of school
  • SUN
  • irises, pansies, daisies and petunias
  • spicy spring greens
  • the lush, dark forest
  • watching my boys play together
  • breezes
  • friendship
  • time for extended cuddles
  • luna moths, fireflies, peepers
  • the sound of bodies jumping into water
  • showering outside
  • garden herbs
  • summer skies
  • ….

(add your own below)