Winter Calling

"Cosmic Sun" Doesburg (

“North, the dark turning, the spiraling universe, slow guidance of starlight.

Where are you in this universe?

Touch the Earth–you are here, embodied in the sensitive hand, in the Earth you touch.

Breathe–you are here, in sacred life, in the intimacy of your breath, in its confluence with the breath of trees, of seasons, of galaxies.  You are here.

Sacred Fire, the core of stars, the center of the Earth, the light within the matrix, soul fire–warmth of your smile–you are here.

Mysterious ocean, fluid fertility, your heart’s realm of dreams, where consciousness casts its nets and learns the currents and tides of power.  Here also you find yourself.

Touch the winter Earth, set your feet to the mountain’s path.  In this season, you will seek the high ground, learning to pace your energy, keep your balance, patiently commit yourself to the long haul, and at last stand free of the shadow with wisdom.”

(from The Spirit of Place, Loren Cruden, 1995, Destiny Books.)