Capricorn, My Mother’s Moon

My mother’s moon. Capricorn.

Full moon and fox den and hotflash…
In lieu of releasing into a deep sleep,
I open to the sensations around me,
including the ocean-like rustle
of the breeze through the trees,
and the squeal of pups,
and the fine mist across my forehead & between my breasts & in the crook of my arms;
and I ride it all,
like a wave,
only not the kind that crests & breaks & tumbles
toward the shore,
but the deeper swell,
that rises and falls, rises and falls,
like breath…
And I think:
This is how I’ll die.

And I think…

Thank you Mom.

notes from the sea

Marblehead Harbor; Kelly Salasin, 2014; all rights reserved

the ten thousand things
a divination
of attention
all burdens made
by the sea
she captured attention
not with her beauty
which was great
but with her presence
which was full
of grace
dutch travelers ask how it is that their flag
in front of every shop
in the USA
with one word: