Sharing “My Beloved”

After stumbling upon the love-bearing question, “What would I do if I was my own Beloved?” I naturally wanted to share my newly inspired approach.

Here’s what I heard in response:

I’m afraid that my Beloved would just tell me to take it easy all the time and I’d never get anything done,” says my husband.

I wondered if he was right.  Would treating ourselves as our own Beloved coddle us so much that we’d never reach our goals?

This morning I tested out his suspicion.

I checked in with myself as Beloved before I began my day’s work.  I wanted to get right to what I love, writing for my blogs, but here’s what myself as Beloved had to say,

Ah, Kelly, I know you love to write.  So first, let’s attend to the things you have to do:  the laundry, the press releases, the preparation for tomorrow’s class–and then, you can have the afternoon free to do what you love the most!”

I was surprised that my Beloved didn’t let me procrastinate–and I was relieved.  I need this kind of ally.

When I shared the idea of self as Beloved with my sister, she had a different response than my husband:

Ooh, I’d really like one of those!” she said, bemoaning that her current “lover” didn’t fit the description.

Which makes me wonder, Can we experience self as Beloved, if we haven’t experienced being another’s Beloved?

Kelly Salasin