Summer reeling

I cannot tell if the day is ending, or the world, or if the secret of secrets is inside me again. ― Anna Akhmatova


I want to tell you about something, but I’m not sure how.

It’s about summer’s passing.

It’s about the sun setting.

It’s about walking away from the beach, across the field, leaving summer behind.

It’s about feeling like summer is under my feet, reeling backward, faster and faster, with each step I take.

It’s about seeing my youth dragged along underneath it.

It’s about the sudden knowing that summer’s ending echoes my own.

Farewell Summer

photoTonight I sit vigil with a dying friend…

But first we celebrated her life

Lusty & raucous

children singing under the third night of the harvest moon

from a bright field

where I lay

in meditation

Parents cheering from the fire

beside the water’s edge

passing dark chocolate

like communion

hand to hand

around the


Around the circle

we go

One more time




But not everyone

gets to ride.

Not the one with whom I sit tonight

and not the ones who passed

along with her either…

(The Eve of the Autumnal Equinox, 2013)